Comments from Voters


Heather Sanchez, Del Norte

I like Phil’s fresh outlook on the tough issues facing our communities. He has the ability to see problems from different angles and devise multiple approach solutions. I value this in my elected officials!

Greg Shaffer, Del Norte

I wholeheartedly support Phil Paccione for County Commissioner. He is a great neighbor and a good friend. Phil has a clear understanding of the challenges in this county and a purposed plan to get things done.

Luann Di Tommaso

It has been an honor and a pleasure to call you a friend all these years. I have been amazed at your never ending list of talents and abilities. You have succeeded in every enterprise you have ever undertaken: from teaching Harley Davidson, to being a real estate entrepreneur and owning multiple small businesses. A homesteader who raised your own cattle and sheep, and built your home with your own two hands. I have had the pleasure of watching you and your lovely wife raise a fine upstanding son to become a naval officer any parent would be proud of. You saved my dad from falling down an entire escalator at Sky Harbor Airport after a random meeting on the plane from New York. That is the type of character you have, you meet someone by chance and save his life a few hours later. Now I find out that you are interested in running for Rio Grande County Commissioner. The people of this county would be very blessed and extremely lucky to have a man of your caliber representing them.

Mark Hisdall, Del Norte

Everyone get out on June 30th and vote for Phil.

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